MINI LAK-FES: un altro volo di distanza, 530 KM

Volo del 3.08.18
Volo del 3.08.18

Riportiamo un post di Rudi e Magdalene Voit-Nitschmann

it is now four month ago when you transported the mini LAK to our airfield. In the meantime our club members flew the mini LAK for 60 h.

The first week in August we stayed for flying holidays in Bartholomä, a small glider airfield in the south of Gemany. During that time I personally flew the mini LAK over a 530 km cross country flight: (

Some people in our club have been skeptical if it will be possible to perform long cross country flights with a 13.5 m glider. Everybody now is very enthusiastic and happy about the performance and the flying qualities of the aircraft. Also the manufacturing quality was pointed out. ...

It was a concern for me to give you a positive response about our mini LAK.

Have a good time and best regards

Rudi and Magdalene Voit-Nitschmann